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Floor Tile and Wall Tile

stoneware glazed




10 mm

60 x 60 cm

Rectified: info-Rectified


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The large-size porcelain stoneware tile Pencil Black, from the Pencil series, with dimensions of 45 x 90 cm, presents the modernity of a special wipe technique. Light, shimmering lines are reminiscent of rough pencil sketches. The overall look is sleek and modern. Due to the durability of the porcelain stoneware, the tile is very easy to clean and doesn't need to be waterproofed. The entire collection unites diverse  colours and sizes, offering architects and planners the highest degree of freedom when it comes to selection.

The German supplie,r Haju Baukeramik, delivers the Pencil Black R459E704 porcelain stoneware tile from the Pencil series in rectangular form with dimensions of 45 x 90 cm and a thickness of 10 mm in the color black, featuring a matte finish characterised by light, shimmering lines. This tile is rectified. After the burning process, it is finished by machine, resulting in a uniform size with 90° edges.

The frost-resistant Pencil Black tile is suitable for both walls and floors. The "frost-proof" designation applies to tiles used in outdoor areas; however, we recommend a drainage mat for controlled run-off of the thawed water, as otherwise the water cannot drain and frost damage can occur. As a floor tile, this porcelain stoneware features a friction of class 4, making suitable for intensive use with abrasive soiling, such as in entrance areas and kitchens.

Tip: in principle, any floor tile is suitable for a floor heating system. This high quality product is available in our Berliner Fliesenmarkt showroom in Charlottenburg or or here in our online shop at













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