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Slate look Mystique Black

Robust slate look made of porcelain stoneware.

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Many porcelain stoneware tiles have the additive frost-proof. The designation is valid for outdoor usage, but we recommend a drainage mat for the controlled drainage of the dew condensation, otherwise the water can not run off and frost damage can occur.
With the use of floor tiles in your private area, there are basically no rules, which anti-slip your new dream tile must have. But it is precisely the slip resistance also in connection with playing children can be an important criterion for the decision of a tile with anti-slip effect. Not all tiles are tested for slip resistance by the respective manufacturers. This does not necessarily mean that a tile is slippery. There are only official values. With increasing slip resistance tiles are usually also more intensive cleaning.
What are "rectified" tiles? Rectified tiles are ceramic or porcelain tiles that are precisely ground and machined to give them almost perfect straight edges and exact dimensions. These tiles offer a very clean, symmetrical appearance and allow extremely fine joints of 3 mm or less (typically with uncut grout, which is best for thin joints is suitable). Rectified tiles usually also have a very fine chamfer around their top edge to stop the danger from chipping off at their sharp edges.
What does abrasion mean for tiles?
Floor tiles must be able to withstand a daily load without producing too much abrasion. Unglazed tiles are naturally very resistant to damage and wear. Glazed floor tiles, on the other hand, are divided into 5 abrasion classes. These provide information about which place of use glazed tiles are suitable for.


Data sheet

glazed porcelain stoneware
dull structured
10 mm
R 10: public toilets and bathrooms
Shade variation
Tiles with significant shade variations
Abrasion resistance
PEI V: Tile is suitable for areas where you expect a very high volume of traffic.
Tile rectified
Suitable for floor and wall

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