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The Vetro 20G51 mosaic suggests itself if you want to create an individual and extravagant accent. With its bronze component -- which always has a special flair no matter where the light comes from -- this mosaic is an absolute highlight. The classic undertone of black and the hint of copper cannot be ignored. Especially for strong contrasts, this mosaic is the perfect choice

Our German supplier, Haju Baukeramik, delivers the Vetro 20G51 glass mosaic in a square form with dimensions of 2 x 2 cm and a thickness of 4 mm in the colour black/copper with a glossy finish.
This tile is not rectified. It features slight variations in size and edge length, suggesting manual craftsmanship.
The Vetro 20G51 tile is not frost-resistant and is therefore only suitable as a wall tile.

Please take note of the following. Because glass mosaics are transparent, we strongly recommend that you use a white, highly plasticised and rapid-setting tile adhesive. Glass mosaics have a high number of joints, so please anticipate a larger number of joints. Do not use an adhesive containing quartz. This would scratch the surface of the glass. For transparent glass mosaics, make sure that the adhesive is distributed evenly with the trowel, as otherwise optical irregularities will arise. Many mosaics, even high-quality ones, have small, unavoidable traces of damage. These are not defects. Please be careful with dark-coloured joints, as these can change the appearance of the mosaic.
This high-quality product is available at our Berliner Fliesenmarkt showroom in Charlottenburg, or. here in our online shop at

Number F14698-k

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