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Originally developed for the Paris Metro in the 19th. Century, dazzles with its facet cut, reflecting light in myriad ways. The original size of 7.5 x 15 cm was adopted into modern sizing over the course of several generations. An enormous selection of colours, mostly from the watercolour palette, is now at your disposal. You can usually select from finishes such as a light-giving gloss, a somewhat reserved matte or an Art Nouveau-style crackled glazing. Laying the tiles in a half-offset formation highlights the antique style, while a "cross-joint formation" corresponds to the more "modern" style often used today.

The Spanish manufacturer Fabresa Ceramica delivers the  Artisan Gris ceramic  tile from the Artisan series in rectangular form with dimensions of 10 x 20 cm and a thickness of 6 mm in the colour "Gris",  with a glossy finish. This tile distinguishes itself through its facets and is  not rectified. It features slight variations in size and edge length, suggestive of manual craftsmanship. The glossy Artisan Gris tile  is only suitable as a wall tile.

This high-quality product is available at our  "Berliner Fliesenmarkt" Berlin tile exhibition in Charlottenburg, or or here in our online shop at


Number F10121-k

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